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Hello! My name is Hunter. I'm an Atlanta-based Creative, but my roots extend far beyond the Peach State. I've had a camera in my hand since I was 6 years old (that's 18 years!). My camera has taken me all around the world and I've been extremely fortunate to share thousands of stories.

I'm excited to share with you a little window into my life, with the hopes that by the end you will be ready to
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professional studio portrait of hunter reynolds, the founder of sonder media house
closeup shot of hunter in Iceland
hunter and his girlfriend taking a cute mirror selfie
Hunter pointing at the camera while underneath a waterfall
Streetwear grunge photo of man standing on top of a camera, bottom of show fills the frame
est. 1998

Like I mentioned above, I've had a camera for as long as I can remember. I used to play 'Director' while my siblings would star in our endless number of home movies.

Animated gif of Hunter as a child holding a camcorder making home movies with his siblings
The State Race, 2018

I grew up with a father who was a pilot, which instilled a love for travel at an early age. While I was in college, I ended up meeting a lifelong friend with a shared passion for travel as well as videography. One spontaneous and lifechanging 24-hour trip to New York City ignited what would become a year-long mission and challenge between us - to visit all 50 states in a single year. To document all of our travels as an ongoing video-series, while also engaging with local communities and performing volunteerism along the way. We called it, The State Race.

We flipped burgers at a Spanish fundraiser in El Paso.

Slept in a stranger's barn in Michigan.

Backpacked on beaches in Hawaii with skateboards as transportation.

This single year of travel largly shaped the person that I am today. I learned the value of supporting your local community. I learned that there is a world outide of your own, and that engrossing yourself in other people's cultures and customs is more valuable than anything lesson you could ever be taught in a traditional setting.

I've carried these values throughout my life as I aim on sharing other people stories in a modern day visual format.

Hunter sitting on a hotel bed with a broken arm from a skateboarding incident.animated gif of hunter being pulled on a skateboard by a rope and crashing to the ground
Black Rock Desert, NV - Broken arm from a skateboard incident. Brendon made a makeshift sling (he's an eagle scout).
group picture of hunter and friends volunteering at the Urban Roots community garden in Austin, Texasanimated gif showing volunteer work at a community garden in Texas
Austin, TX. - Trimming beats at Urban Roots, a free local community garden.
picture of man standing in from of a barn at night with luggage in his handanimated gif of a stranger opening his barn to welcome hunter and brendon to stay the night
Grand Rapids, MI - Sleeping in a stranger's barn that me met on the internet... sorry mom xo
hunter kayaking on the Wailua river in Kauai, Hawaiianimated gif of hunter kayaing on the wailua river in Hawaii
Kauai, HI - Kayaking Wailua River to a secret waterfall inhabited by, yes, chickens.
We Are Entertainment, 2019

After moving into the city of Atlanta to further my videography career, I quickly found a large demand for content in the nightlife space. Me and a parter founded a company called We Are Entertainment, where for the next 2 years would end up working with some of the most respected and acclaimed hip-hop artists in the world.

To go from never listening to rap music when I was younger to being in rooms with platinum-record artists who shaped entire genres of music was complete culture-shock.

During our peak season, we were actively employing 18 team members and creating over 40 videos per week.

I've never worked so hard as I had within these 2 years.

During this period of time, I learned how to manage a team, how to scale a business, and how to build complex systems for managing a large client base.

group picture of the We Are Entertainment teamanimated gif of videographer smiling while filming in a nightclub
WAE team pic at our first office (which we quickly outgrew)
picture of hip hop artist Busta Rhymes performing in a nightclubanimated gif of popular hip hop celebrities.
Busta Rhymes performing live at Opium nightclub.
popular hip-hop artist Cardi B performing in a nightclubanimated gif of Cardi B performing in a nightclub
Cardi B having fun with our camera @ Oak Atlanta. "WAP" tops Billboard charts.
The Touring Industry, 2018-2022

After once again taking my passion for filmmaking over my ambition for school, I ended up shooting a free concert at my school. Little did I know that I would soon be contacted by the band's manager with an offer to continue shooting content on the road. At this point, I was ready to do almost anything besides school.

We traveled city to city, and I got to experience the lifestyle of a traveling musician, creating once-in-a-lifetime content along the way.

These industry relationships have continued to flourish over the years, and I just recently completed 2 month long US and world tours.

57 shows. 4 continents. 18 countries.

These experiences have allowed me to continue to refine and master my storytelling abilities.

photo of hunter and band in front of 2000 fans after a concertanimated gif of a drone sweeping over a crowd of 2000 people at a concert
On stage with the band after an amazing show in Milan!
group picture of The Driver Era inside the tour bus in Europeanimated gif of Hunter walking off a tour bus during a day off in Chicago
Long nights playing uno and watching early 2000s movies on the tour bus.
film photo of Hunter wearing heart shaped sunglasses backstage in Zurich, Switzerlandanimated gif of empty concert venue transitioning to a full crowd
Backstage in Zurich, Switzerland, the last show of the tour. Rockin' a pair of sunglasses gifted by a fan.
Your story, current

If you've made it this far, then you can see that the life of a videographer is unexpected and full of surprises. You never know where you'll end up, and I never hope to take that for granted.

Its the unknowing of your next adventure, the sharing of each new story that makes me so passionate about each and every new project.

As a wedding videographer, I get the opportunity to share a couples story of love that could have formed overnight serendipitously, or through years of adventures and experiences just like the examples above.

My passion lies within telling these stories. As your wedding content team, we'll make it our sole mission to capture what makes your love unique and worth sharing with the world. These are our vows.

2022, Sonder Media

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